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Our Innovation

Payment Solutions: Platform designed to solve the risks and complications in the Rx claims process internationally.

Rx Arjudication Portal: Centralized Real-Time adjudication platform designed to provide transparency in Rx Claims.

Patient Centered Approach: Empower patients to be more informed about the use of their medications, and give them control over the management of their health care.

Optimization Strategies: Constantly collecting and analyzing key performance indicators, optimizing the value of the service for better health for the patient and cost management for our clients.

Continuation Of Therapy

The continuation of therapy service provided by PharmCare Services is designed to ensure that patients who are discharged from US Hospitals to continue their treatment in Latin America receive the same level of care and support they received while in the USA. The service includes medication management, adherence programs, and patient counseling.

PharmCare’s team of pharmacists and clinicians work closely with the patient’s healthcare teams in their country of residence to ensure that the patient recieves the right medication and treatment according to their medical condition.

Medication Management

PharmCare Services provides patients with personalized medication plans that take into account their medical history, current health condition, and other factors that may affect their treatment.

The company’s pharmacists work closely with the patient’s healthcare team to ensure that the medication plan is tailored to meet the patient’s specific needs.

PharmCare also provides patients with ongoing monitoring to ensure that the medication is working as intended and that the patient is not experiencing any adverse effects.


We have a platform of practitioners and specialty and individualized pharmacies throughout the region (USA and LatAm)

Please email us for more details about  our network of integrative/functional medicine.

The Reality About the Medication World

Success is only possible with a clear vision of the demands and context of every treatment.
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Where We Innovate

We create a successful communication between all instances that will ensure the success of highly complex medical treatments.

Cost Management

The monitoring of therapies allows us to analyze key performance indicators, optimizing the value of the service we offer: health for the patient and cost containment for our clients.



We specialize in the management of advanced pharmacological therapies worldwide, we have the ability to make them accessible to our clients and patients.

Cost Reduction

We guarantee cost optimization for international insurance companies and local payers.


We have a distribution network that guarantees the authenticity and traceability of the medications throughout the chain of distribution.


Our network of over 50,000 pharmacies in USA, Canada and Latin America provides access to medications in a fast and reliable manner.


We used the most advanced and secure technologies to analyze information and provide our clients the best medication treatment options.

Assistance Service

Our multidisciplinary team offers a personalized assistance service (24/7) during the treatment with highly complex therapies.

Concierge Home Health

Locally, we offer a concierge service for patients in recovery, covering the full range of possible needs for equipment, personnel, and therapies outside the hospital facilities.


We train Doctor of Pharmacy students in the areas of research and development and the many aspects of specialized medication management.

Meet Our Team

We’re a multidisciplinary team that specializes in managing and following up on the most advanced treatments.

Dr. Mike Rizo

Chief Executive Officer

Johan Porto

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Juan Carlos Velazquez, IMG

Director Of Operations

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